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10% surcharge weekends
$20 travel fee


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​Pregnancy Massage
​​60 min - $150
A combination of relaxation and remedial massage whilst laying on a comfortable belly pillow. As your body goes through the physical changes so will your massage. Loosen muscles & maintain healthy fluid balance you will feel rejuvenated again!

Safe for all stages of pregnancy. Side laying position is also available if you prefer.

​Remedial Massage
60 min - $150

Medium or Firm pressure applied to relax the body and mind. Providing pain relief for specific areas of the body.




hot stone massage
​Hot Stone Massage
60 min - $160

Taking your Remedial Massage experience to that next level with warm stones. Helping to loosen tight muscles and create a deeper sense of relaxation. Melt away tension with the therapeutic warmth of heated basalt stones.




Belly Pillow

Used during your Pregnancy Massage and is extremely comfortable. It allows you to take the pressure off your lower back and truely relax

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belly pillow demo 2.jpg
belly pillow demo 3.jpg
side laying pregnancy massage.jpeg

Side lying Massage

This option is for those who prefer not to lay on their stomach

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