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Induction Massage - What is it & does it work?

I get asked by clients "can you do anything to help bring on labour".

The short answer is MAYBE.

Induction massage involves Relaxation Massage combined with acupressure points being pressed and stimulated to trigger the uterus to naturally contract (after 38 weeks).

With a lack of strong evidence towards stimulating certain acupressure points on the body and bringing about this desired effect, I cannot guarantee it will work.

Put it this way, if it worked for everybody then there would be no need for medical induction. This is what I tell me clients when they have been told by other massage therapists who actually state they perform an induction massage.

I understand the frustration, the wanting to prevent medical intervention and the "I just want this baby out of my" phase that some people experience towards the end of pregnancy. I have been there myself!

In my clinical experience, Id say its 50/50 in that some clients will go into labour shortly after my massages, some within days and others will still need medical induction. There's no wrong or right way in choosing what path you go down, there is however some hope in trying natural induction methods and massage being one of those.

NOTE: this should only be performed under the supervision of a qualified professional. ©

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