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Leg Veins During Pregnancy

In the later stages of Pregnancy, some women may find spider veins and varicose veins pop up randomly. As we know, the circulatory system's job is to carry oxygen rich blood away from the heart through arteries and veins then carry deoxygenated blood back to the heart.

Veins in the legs however have the longest journey to carrying blood back to the heart, with the pull against gravity not helping. Veins contain valves which prevent back flow, and sometimes they valves become twisted and bulge which can cause swelling and thus end in varicose veins. Similar veins that appear closer to the skins surface can discolour and form a web-like cluster, known as spider veins.

Back to pregnancy now and how this affects veins, firstly hormones can be to blame. Progesterone relaxes vein walls and can cause valves to be less effective in regulating blood flow, this coupled with increase blood volume in Pregnancy (as much as 20% more) increases the risk.

To help avoid this from occurring it is advised that Pregnancy women maintain healthy weight, regular exercise, wear compression stockings and avoid sitting cross legged. Typically after childbirth, your hormones begin to normalise and your activity increases, veins should start to disappear.

Massage upward toward the heart can help move stagnant blood and best to be performed by a trained massage therapist.


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